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Gain a rich insight into your subscribers’ behavior and network performance


Polystar’s Customer Experience product suite provides deep and specific insight of your subscriber’s user experience data and the network performance. This ensures a better customer experience while efficiently monetising your services. Polystar helps each operator make sense of their own unique data and obtain the intelligence they need to deliver outstanding performance and a strategic orientation based on facts.

 Improve Customer Experience

 Understand customer behaviour

 Take control of your network   

 Gain competitive edge 

 Successfully monetise your data assets

Polystar’s Customer Insight solution provides operators with a complete end-to-end visibility of services as experienced by individual subscribers (Subscriber Analytics), customer groups (Corporate Assurance) and customer segments (Marketing Analytics). Customisable dashboards provide subscriber’s data and KPI information to customer service and technical teams, account management, marketing and product management departments.

Customer data and behaviour patterns are extremely valuable assets that communications service providers possess. Service Experience information enables Mobile Network Operators to take decisions based on hard facts about customer behavior. This enables operators to identify new business opportunities and gain a competitive edge by delivering breakthrough customer experience and superior network quality.

Customer Experience Management involves every part of an operator’s organisation and touch points towards the customers. Polystar delivers powerful service experience information to a wide range of users:

Customer Care

Turn your business challenges into a positive customer experience

Offer right products
with the right marketing

Take special care of your
most valuable customers